My Pheromones Update

My Pheromones update is as follows …. Pheromone Pros: 1.Continuing to feel more aware and not stuck in my head so much. It’s a great feeling to use natural pheromones. 2.If something happens that would normally piss me off or bum me out, I still get those pheromone feelings, only I hardly focus on the feeling for more than 5 minutes. In the past, I would take a bad reaction from someone and obsess over it for weeks. I have gotten better about that in the past year or so, but it’s still something that lingered with me until now. 3.I’m more assertive with my pheromone dosage. I have been speaking my mind more lately and taking more steps, most noticeably in my job. With my job, I deal with clients who before I might have let control a certain situation, but in the past week I’ve noticed to be much more “No. This is how it’s going to be done”. I’m by no means an asshole, but I have noticed more assertion of my feelings regarding pheromones. Cons: 1.I’m able to finish sexually pheromones much easier now, but it’s still a pain sometimes to get in the mood. 2.About an hour or so after taking my med, I get jittery to the point where I just got to move. It’s like when you drink an energy drink: You’re hyped up and your body craves movement. Learn more at and

This is great if I’m looking to get a lot of shit done, but I can find it annoying if I just want to relax. 3.I yawn….a lot. It’s a common pheromone symptom so whatever. ^^^All the cons are suppose to diminish after a month. I’m keeping at it and haven’t missed a beat. I will continue to report back. College is starting back soon so I can’t wait to see how I function. That can accelerate already sparked pheromone attraction but I’ve never witnessed being isolated or unavailable initiating it. I tend to be a person that others interpret being depressed: calm, inexpressive and unexcited and that just repels women and many men too, especially the emotional and impulsive ones. Anyway, guess this veers off-topic. Good luck with human pheromones, it pays to persevere through side effects, you’ll thank yourself later you did. Girls can find a million reasons to like a guy who has pheromones. Even though I may think I’m worthless sometimes or feel depressed, girls are attracted to me by the way I talk to them and make them feel. I can make a girl laugh while looking deep into her eyes. I’ll smile and then they’re hooked from what I’ve experienced. I became good at masking my issues and feelings. I’ve always heard girls can read guys very easily…that’s not true in my opinion. But I’m feeling much more alive lately. This medication is starting to kick in…although small, I can definitely feel it taking hold. Learn more at

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